Happy Halloween!

The past two days have been days of many firsts…I apologize for not being in touch with alot of you, but yesterday was an extremely hectic day and today I spent most of the day working out at the Otres Beach Bar.

For starters, yesterday…wow. Everything that could go wrong…did. The builders weren’t happy and threatened not to come back after lunch, Alan’s staff were restless because the bar has been closed to work on the new room above the bar and a few of them don’t like doing “construction” type stuff. None of the shop owners were being reasonable (I am going to write a whole blog on Cambodian businesses…they are very interesting). Progress on the second story at the hotel has slowed in the past few days (part of it is due to the labor dispute). Good news though, we finally got a truck to get materials out to Otres and did that yesterday. Alan and I ate at Angelos ( a local Greek BBQ style place) and took a nice motorcycle ride around. That seems to help with the stress. 🙂

Today was alot better. Though, it did start off raining. Everyone here is very confused about the weather because of how unusual it is. I spent the afternoon working out at Otres getting a foundation ready for the bar floor and cutting down a tree. Hopefully we can start laying the concrete floor on Saturday and I think Alan wants one more tree out. After dinner, I went for a nice motorcycle ride out into the country a bit. The stars were amazing…so crisp and clear. There was a lightning storm off in the distance, but not a single cloud in the sky…Every day I am realizing how beautiful and special this country is.


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