Sunday at the Beach

Today was one of those absolute perfect days. It started off normally enough, working out at Otres beach this morning. Made some good progress at the beach bar…got the bar foundation built and the small hut torn down. At lunch time, we headed back and then Alan, Wendy (one of his friends/guests who is here on business), and I went out to Ying Yang for the afternoon.

There was a nice breeze, a hammock, good music, On the Road and beer involved on my part. In between sleeping and swimming I managed to eat a damn good chicken sandwich and put away a healthy number of beers and Johnny Walkers. Rich was very busy today and in the late afternoon all of the girls made a spread for BBQ. A couple guys did the cooking and the smell of weed and BBQ filled the air. Perfect way to recharge batteries, if you ask me.

I’m now back at the hotel, sitting at the bar with a cold Anchor beer in front of me. Dinner is just around the corner and tonight looks like it will be a really nice night. Another nice day in paradise…


2 Responses to Sunday at the Beach

  1. Miss Yumi says:

    Does this mean the Jonathan will actually get some color?! You’re getting more sun than I am!! 😀

  2. Honey says:

    So your in Hawaii? I don’t think so.

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