All This and a Bag of Chips

I just realized it has been twelve days since my last post. I didn’t realize I had gotten so far behind. If you are following any of the pictures, you will see that we are making some pretty good progress out at the beach bar. We are in the process of experimenting with the counter-top using this cement and coloring. Each day I am figuring out how to do it better and better.

I’ve been asked many times about the puppy. He is doing great. Full recovery and is running amok around the hotel causing trouble. He did get name…which is Bart. When he gets a little older and the construction is done out at Otres he will be joining me out there. He seems ultra happy and plays alot with Alan’s dog, Nigel.

Things are pretty routine here. I am usually so tired that I fall asleep around ten-thirty and wake up around six every morning. I am eating many different foods and have been trying the staff meals, which are traditional Khmer, nearly every meal. They have some very good dishes which are mostly comprised of rice and vegetables. A few things to note on the food because so many people told me not to eat the local food, especially the beef and chicken. The beef is very good…about 95% of the time, the beef you have for dinner was slaughtered that very day. So its a little tougher than what I am used too, but some places here have a very good aging process and do some amazing things with it. The food is the freshest I have ever seen/tasted. They also don’t use fertlizers or pesticides because they are all grown on small farms and brought to the market every morning. I actually have been feeling great since I have been here and don’t miss fast food at all. Though I am desperate for a QuikTrip. Mmmmhhmm…Deli Fresh QuikTrip Sandwich.

I am getting very good driving a motorcyle. Every time I go out, I nearly die…its kind of a sink or swim situation, I suppose. This is great learning though…as if I can drive here, I can drive a motorcyle nearly anywhere in the West.

All in all, things are going very good here. I am loving every moment and have experienced more in the past month here than I have anywhere else. For those thinking of doing something…anything. Just do it. I know its daunting and I know it can be challenging. But trust me, you need to find a way. Don’t let fear stop you from growing and learning. Don’t settle for anything. Always know there is more to learn.


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