December 24, 2008

I was jolted awake from my peaceful slumber by the blaring of the bus’s horn and a sudden swerving. I managed to look up fast enough to see our bus slowly overtaking a semi. I need to stress slowly. That was the reason for the horn. The reason for the swerving was that only a few hundred meters away there was another semi…this one was coming straight for us in the opposite lane (the highway between the two cities is only a two lane road). I kind of chuckled and went back to sleep.

Repeat that more times than you can count within a four hour span and you will have a small grasp of what the bus trip from Sihaunkville to Phnom Penh is like. To sum it all up? I freaking LOVE Cambodia. Hands down, no questions.

There was a moment, or at least it felt like a moment, however I can’t say for sure how long it was…that I stared out the window and into the passing countryside. I realized that I was in a whole different world. Farther away from everything I know and yet…its strangely the same. People are really the same everywhere…they have the same troubles, the same feelings, the same emotions, the same thoughts.

I will write about my night in Phnom Penh soon…I am sitting in the Taipei airport about to board for my flight to LA. While you are waiting, you can watch this amazing video of the Buena Vista Social Club:


Hawaii ’09!

December 17, 2008

Well, its official. I’ll be in Hawaii in January for nearly a month! My focus will be to take care of some projects at work and to HAVE A REAL BEER (mostly the beer one). However, I will be making plenty of time for fun. (Hint hint Miss Yumi…). Oh, that reminds me, I will be there for New Years…so if anyone has something going on, make sure to tell me.

Basically, we are installing this phone system at JN. It is a hosted solution, one that I was opposed too actually. Well, lo and behold there are alot of things that weren’t planned for and the cost savings has shrunk to where this is more of a headache than an asset. I mean, I literally laid all this out in writing…so I’m not surprised.

Things in Cambodia are going well. Alan was in Phnom Penh with Chea getting his stitches out. Chea is out of his cast and is starting to exercise his hand. The hotel is nearly finished…ceilings are being put in right now.

New ways to contact me

December 13, 2008

Jeez, it has been a while since I updated this. Honestly, not too many new things have happened. I’ve been hanging around the hotel working on prepping and painting. My camera is out at Rich’s place on Otres Beach, so I can’t take any pictures. I’ve been meaning to go out and get it from him so I can take some pictures around the hotel and the puppy.

I’ve been busy with stuff for JN in the mornings. There is a rumor that I will be going out to Hawaii for three or four weeks and then in Arizona for a week. I’m waiting to hear a confirmation. I will keep everyone updated on my status with that.

I signed up for an iCall account, its a Skype alternative…works very well. I can use it to make and receive calls to landline/cell phones in the US. I have a 480 area code based phone number…if you would like it, please email me and I will give it to you. If I am online, I can answer and talk to you, if I am not online, you can leave a voice mail and I can call when I get a chance.