Where it all Began…

October 21, 2008

Bags are packed…the goodbyes have been said…the tears of sorrow and joy have been wiped away.  If I actualy got any of the luck I was given by countless people…well, lets just say I would be heading towards Vegas right now.

I’m sitting at my gate in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  I have checked my bags and passed through security.  My flight to Los Angeles boards in roughly a hour and with that short hop to the West coast, my trip will offically begin.  

I had an unbelivable last few months in Phoenix.  My God…the time really flew by.  I was asked to recall my most favorite memory.  I wish I could pick just one…but I can’t.  They were all equally important to me.  I’ll see all my friends and family again soon.  I have a feeling the time will pass by very fast.  

By the way…Liz…thanks for the awesome party!  I can’t wait to get the pictures!