Viva Las Vegas!

August 23, 2008

I’m focused on the mountains in the distance.  Some unknown peak of some possibly unnamed range.  It moves slowly…my eyes are able to follow without much effort.  In the foreground, the standard findings of the desert…trees, cacti, washes, and I think that was a soda can…all pass by at an alarming pace.  Its funny how when you don’t focus your eyes on an object, it passes by much more quickly.  As I shift focus between the fore and background, this observation is proven.   I glance up to the front seat and can just make out the speedometer…75mph.  Maybe that’s why everything is going by so fast…

Our party to Vegas consists of my parents, both sitting in the front seat, Myself and Honey.  My Dad is driving at the moment.  Honey is sleeping in the backseat.  I glance back every few minutes just to make sure she is still here.  Sometimes, well, most of the time, I think she is a figment of my imagination.  An illusion caused by a missed dose of pills or maybe all of this just just a dream.  She swears to me that she is real…but how do I know?  I can’t shake the feeling that she will be out of my life in a few short days, quite possibly forever.  As hard as it will be, the only thing I can do is make the best of this trip with her.  In the end, things always do work out, don’t they?  Sometimes though, it takes some force to get what you want.

I brought my camera with me this time.  I most likely won’t upload them until I get back from Las Vegas though.  I might break down and buy a cable once I get to Vegas though.  *shrug*